Rooms with Character

At De Oude Huize Yard, each room has become a labour of love. As we began decorating the house, each room slowly took on its own individual personality, and so we felt it fitting to name each one as their true character emerged. Each room also has it's own private entrance. These are some of our favourites:


Generations and Traditions

“I'm going to the mountains for the week-end, in a couple of days I'll be back, so I'll just take my little brown suit and a blouse and a beret and carry my mac.”- Just in Case, Charlotte Mitchell.

This room offers grand space for you to roam around in freely. It’s more than enough to lift your spirits. During wintertime, the electric blanket will keep you perfectly cozy and the en suite bath and shower will keep you feeling fresh. Adding to the sense of spacious luxury, this room has a queen-sized bed, a fireplace, heater, tea and coffee facilities and a magnificent view of the mountain and colourful garden.

Single R975 / Per Room Sharing R1350

Wisdom and Folly

“Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise.”The Wisdom you will find lies in our selection of books. We think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. In the words of Benjamin Franklin "Beauty and folly are old companions", and this is the room where you will find these friends.

This room offers a cozy electric blanket for the king-sized bed and an extra day bed, a heater, tea and coffee facilities, a hair dryer and toasty fireplace. From your front door you will enjoy the lovely view of a secluded garden.

Single R975 / Per Room Sharing R1350

Great Escape

“A bell with an old voice – which I dare say in its time had often said to the house, here is the green farthingale. Here is the diamond-hilted sword, here are the shoes with red heels and the blue solitaire.”

Natural furnishings and an uncluttered room create a relaxing atmosphere where weekends magically get longer and longer in the ‘Great Escape’ room. Staying in this room means that from the stoep, you can experience the ultimate bird watching site.

This suite has an en suite bathroom with bath and shower, a king sized bed, an electric blanket, tea and coffee facilities, a hair dryer and a fireplace. From your window you will enjoy the lovely view of our garden.

Single R975 / Per Room Sharing R1350

West Balcony Rooms

Someday when peace has returned to this world you will want to come back to this place again and stand on a certain balcony on a moonlit night and look up to the peaceful silver moon over Platberg with its dark edges.

This bright and spacious rooms (60m2) are situated upstairs and is delightfully decorated in soft colors.It consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom. The main room is fitted with a king bed and the second room is fitted with a queen bed with electric blankets.

There are heaters and tea and coffee facilities, The bathroom is fitted with a shower, basin and toilet.  

You enter the rooms via a balcony with a beautiful view of Platberg

Single R975 / Per Room Sharing R1500