De Oude Huize Yard an Eco-friendly Establishment

Kaalvoet Vrou Monument
August 11, 2017

As our natural resources become increasingly depleted, there is more awareness about the need to preserve and protect the environment. To go this route we have implement progressive eco-friendly practices. Our efforts to run a sustainable establishment may inspire you to make your own home more environmentally-friendly!

De Oude Huize Yard sits on a 3000m2 stand in the beautiful town of Harrismith in Eastern Free State. We have scenic views over Platberg mountain. Platberg is one of the most famous landmarks in the Eastern Free State and is 9 kilometer long and 2,394 meter high.

The view towards Platberg

We believe in protecting the earth and aims toward making travel and living sustainable. The establishment was originally built in 1860 with mud bricks. When the establishment was remodeled and restored, we reused and recycled as many materials as possible.

The uneven mud bricks is clearly visible.

We managed to get the original building plans and the alterations were made using the old footprints of the stables and regenerated building materials. The cut sandstone was collected and re-used. We have sourced old building materials like doors, windows and ceilings.

It is also an extremely eco-friendly and sustainable establishment. Solar power provides the heating of the water and outdoor lighting. All bathrooms here have low-flow toilets and aerated low-flow shower heads. Non-toxic cleaning products are used and we make use of an outdoor clothesline to dry sheets, pillowcases and towels. The linens, towels and robes in guest rooms are eco-friendly and are made of organic cotton.  Only non-VOC paint is use for the property. Guests are even provided with reusable glass water bottles during their stay to avoid waste. During winter months we use chopped wood of invasive species for our fire-places. Energy-efficient lighting is used throughout and natural light is utilized instead, when possible.

Sun power water heating  The landscape lighting is 100% solar-powered or rechargeable

We harvest water in three tanks. This reduce the daily water usage for the gardens. During water shortages the water is treated with reverse osmosis rather than chemicals for use in the establishment.

All garden and kitchen waste go to our sustainable earthworm farm. The compost and fertilizer are utilized in the organic gardens.  Here we grow vegetables without chemicals. We have planted olive, quince, figs, plum and pomegranate trees.

Hennie busy inspecting the compost in one of the earthworm containers.

Our guest dine on fresh organic produce from the our own garden at breakfast and dinner.  We also serve local ingredients and no processed food.

Our vegetable garden is under shade cloth and the raised beds were made from old wooden pallets. Sawdust has been sprinkled as a ground cover to minimize weeds and pests. We have planted only heirloom seeds. 

Stone packed gabions as boundary walls.

The workshop has been fitted with regenerated floor board doors.